You are a common barbarian and the most fabulous dungeon awaits you. Use Q, W, E and R keys to perform skills. Don’t touch goblins (or orcs whatever) and spend your power carefully. To recover your power, simply eat (currently hamburger, potato chips and coke are available). 

Keys and Skills

  • (Q) - Swirl - Cost: 1 power - Cooldown: 3 sec.
  • (W) - Leap - Cost: 2 power - Cooldown 5 sec.
  • (E) - Dash - Cost: 2 power - Cooldown 5 sec.
  • (R) - Ulti - Cost: 3 power - Cooldown 7 sec.

This game is a compo submission for Ludum Dare # 39. About 40 sleepless hours and plenty of bugs... Ldjam entry available at Have fun you guys!

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