A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

zdef is a zombie themed endless plaformer game including strategy, action and defence elements. this prototype version contains 5 characters and 3 enemy classes. each character class has a primary attack (key z) and a skill (key x). full list of controls;

  • arrows to move (left or right to run, up to jump)
  • x to attack
  • z to use skill
  • esc to enter/exit orders menu
  • number keys to make a selection

you may play with a single character or a party of characters. when you play with a party of characters, only one of them is controlled directly. others follow the strategy specified in the orders menu. for example, they may follow the directly controlled character or stand still aggressively. orders are assigned to each character individually. characters are;

  • ranger smith uses rifle (attack) and bear trap (skill). bear trap (aka yogi slayer) affects only one zombie. bear trap has double effect on the zombie who steps on it; it stuns and does damage.
  • ragz shot uses pistol (attack) and makes annoying jokes (skill). when ragz shot makes annoying jokes, zombies target him instead of other characters for a while.
  • stinky bashes (attack) and poops (skill). zombies slow down for a while if they step on stinky's sh*t. stinky damages only one zombie when it bashes. also this dog is the fastest character in the game.
  • lyudmilla uses sniper rifle (attack) and makes sandwiches (skill). sandwich is the primary target for zombies. instead of characters, zombies go for sandwich if there is some. also sandwich stuns the first zombie it touches.
  • trouble sophie throws little rocks (attack) and plays hide and seek (skill). sophie can't jump but her skill lets her to get lost for a while. then she reveals somewhere randomly on level. hard to play, easy to swear.

there are random events (question marks) on the level. new characters may join to your party or current characters may left the party. also attributes of your characters may be buffed or nerfed. three types of zombies are available in the game;

  • common zombie is traditional walker. it walks, sometimes jumps, but always follows you brainlessly.
  • riser rises from the ground. it is faster and shorter than common zombie. it rises when you get close to it.
  • paratrooper zombie... they probably jumped from an infected plane. or from a zombiecopter.

since this version is just an early prototype, there are a lot of bugs and there is no any objectives or achievements yet. however you may check your statistics when the game is over :) just play and test!


zdef.app 4 MB
zdef.zip 5 MB

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